Letter from the Fire Chief

Everyday, firefighters, both men and women, throughout the world put their lives on the line to help the people of their communities.  At the Baxter Fire Department, we are proud of the men and women who spend time away from their families, and risk their lives to help our community.  They train, practice, and take schooling for all emergencies we respond to everyday.

We are a vital department that values our past, sees present opportunities, and embraces the challenges of the future.  We are committed to providing the citizens of Baxter with the best fire service possible.

Our Department has strived to adapt to the changes as the risks, threats, and challenges to our growing community have changed.  However, I firmly believe that our greatest asset here at Baxter Fire Department is our team of hard-working professionals that are dedicated to the delivery of quality public safety service.

We currently have an Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating of a four (4), and we will continue to try and improve that rating in the future.  We have an efficient fire station with a complement of devoted firefighters.  We have certified Driver/Engineers, licensed Paramedics, and licensed Emergency Medical Technicians.  There are employees that seven days a week from (9) a.m. to (6) p.m. 

The Baxter Fire Department is recognized as a fire department through the State Fire Marshall’s office.  The Tennessee Commission on Firefighting certifies our firefighters through practical and written exams.

The future of this department is bright.  We will continue to do our best to serve you, the residents, and businesses of this great community.  We will continue to improve our readiness and performance.  We will stay as efficient as possible.  Our leadership will continue to think strategically to ensure that we continue to provide you with the best service possible.

As chief of the Baxter Fire Department, it is a pleasure to work with dedicated personnel and to serve the citizens of Baxter. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to lead this department into the future.

Have a Safe Day,

Matthew White, Fire Chief